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Summer Under The Stars Live-Tweet!

Hey guys! Just a reminder that this coming Monday August 5th, we will be live-tweeting along with 3 Melvyn Douglas films as part of TCM's Summer Under The Stars event. In case anyone wonders "Why him?", Melvyn Douglas was born in Macon! We start at 6pm Eastern with "A Woman's Face" co-starring Joan Crawford. Then it's the 1939 classic "Ninotchka" with Greta Garbo at 8pm & finally 1937's "I Met Him in Paris" with Claudette Colbert.

So if you have Twitter, please follow along - you yourself don't have to tweet, but your Likes & Retweets of our own tweets will be much appreciated! I tweeted Douglas's granddaughter, actress & TCM regular Illeana Douglas - she Liked the tweet, so hopefully we'll see response from her on our content as well! Finally, @LoraStocker of the Raleigh-Durham Backlot chapter created this beautiful graphic for us to use for our own promotion of this event - if you know or are in contact with her, please show some love. This was a lovely gesture on her part!

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