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The Wizard of Oz

TCMBacklotATL saw a record turnout for today's TCM /Fathom Events 80th anniversary screening of "The Wizard of Oz ." (A number of us got to see ourselves on a movie screen as well lol!)

Since the TCM Backlot spots featuring our Chapter started airing 12/26, we have experienced what could mildly be described as a "growth spurt." We've risen from roughly 60 members at that time to 95 as of this post. We were lucky enough to meet some of those new members in person today, along with the children & grandchildren of some of our regulars.

While those fresh sets of young eyes experienced the Wizard on the big screen for the first time, many of us shared afterward the unexpected emotional response to seeing what is ingrained & resonates so strongly from our childhoods - especially those of us who grew up watching it every year on TV.

We also received a great photo from member Charles Ammons who saw it with his wife & daughter at a theater closer to their home!

The party continued at our favorite spot PURE Taqueria Brookhaven, again our largest afterparty yet. Thankfully they had no problem accommodating 20 of us lol! And as member Wayne Staats said later "Definitely a special group when a lot of new people are there and everyone got on like we've known each other for a long time."

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