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Hello everyone. I am brand new to TCM Backlot. I just joined today. But I am not new to my love or Classic films and old movies. I am 50 years old "soon to be 51" and everyone that knows me says I was born several decades to late due to I really know nothing about or watch any current movies. However if you ask me about a movie or a actor/actress from the 30's - the 60's I can tell you pretty much anything you'd like to know "But I also admit I don't know everything there is to know" I watch TCM more than any other channel on our Cable provider.

I was born and raised in a small rural town in the hills of VA. My grand mother and great grandmother were my primary babysitters when I was a kid and they were always watching old movies, which is where my fascination and love of them came from. As I got older and all I would get and read anything I could about old movies and the stars of the films I would see

My taste runs the gambit from the Hildegard Winters series "and I will say I've even seen the Eve Arden one she made for TV in the early 70's" To "Inside Daisy Clover". I will say my favorites have always been Cary Grant and Grace Kelly but I hold a special place in my heart for Audrey Hepburn. And that is I had the pleasure to meet her a year before she passed, and I will say that she was a very warm and down to earth person in real life as she always portrayed in her films.

I live in Mableton, GA which is in Cobb county in the Vinings Estates area. If there are any members near me please give me a shout out. I would love to make new friends that love movies as much as I do.



Fred Sawyers

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