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Dial M for Murder at The Strand

More like Dial S for Success!!! What a time we had last night attending The Earl & Rachel Strand Theatre's presentation of Alfred Hitchcock's classic "Dial M for Murder!" We progressively descended on The Hawg & Ale Smokehouse to start. The energy dial hit 11 very quickly & stayed there! Nothing starts a party off right like great barbecue & lots of laughter!

It was also a gorgeous evening to stroll across the Marietta Square to the theatre. Also one of the many wonderful details of the night: this was the 1st time seeing "Dial M..." for some of our members, including Charles & Jennifer Ammons's young daughter Sarah Kate. How amazing is it for her to be initiated to classic film in this manner?! Such a privilege to be a part of... Also a big thank you to Chris Delio at The Strand for all his help & extending such generosity to us on behalf of The Strand (and also for taking that awesome group shot of us from the stage!). As Rick said to Renault at the end of our last Strand screening "Casablanca," " I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship".

We continue to have these great opportunities for members attending our events for the 1st time to meet & interact with our now-regular crowd of party people. It's just a beautiful thing to watch everyone come together so joyfully & grow this incredibly warm, embracing camaraderie that now characterizes our Chapter!

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2 comentarios

Thanks for the warm welcome!!! Ir was a GREAT evening!

Me gusta

07 abr 2019

It was an awesome get-together! And what a great film.

Me gusta
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