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Reunited again for My Cousin Rachel

After six months of Zooms and group text chats, our group held our first in-person event since March: My Cousin Rachel at the Strand!

Not only were the Strand folks incredibly welcoming, but they even made "Bogie" wear a mask, too.

The whole experience couldn't have been better. Because it was for only our group, we wore masks, spread out in the theater and had the best hosts at the Strand make sure we had everything we needed to be safe and have a fun time at the movies. Immediately after we talked about returning for another outing.

As wonderful as our weekly texts and video chats are, there's nothing like seeing people in person and catching up.

The fact that the movie was great only added to the experience. Almost the entire group had never seen My Cousin Rachel before, which made seeing it on the big screen that much more special. With Olivia de Havilland's recent passing, it also felt like a way for us to honor her legacy. Though tasked with a difficult part that keeps you guessing, she made it look easy.

We hope to be back at the Strand soon and we hope to have more safe outings in the coming weeks!

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A wonderful afternoon with wonderful people!


Ben D.
Ben D.
Nov 23, 2020

That movie was really good and it was great to go to the Strand.

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