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Event Proposal

Hey everyone! Been tossing this event idea around & think it's time we make it happen. "Gone With the Wind" is the subject of much more nuanced & complex conversation these days than ever before. However it undeniably remains one of the great cinematic achievements...AND Margaret Mitchell wrote it right here in Atlanta!

I'm proposing we take the tour of the Margaret Mitchell House in Midtown. It seems like a very appropriate 1st official event for our chapter (aside from the screenings we've attended). And I'm proposing we do it on Sunday September 16 at 1pm, which is roughly 5.5 weeks from today. I want everyone to have enough time to look at their calendars/schedules to see if that date is do-able for as many members as possible. The TCM/Fathom Big Screen movie for September ("Rebel Without A Cause") is the following weekend, Sunday, Sept. 23. Then we're in October & it often becomes more challenging for people to schedule that far out. However nothing is in stone at this point.

The house is located at 10th & Peachtree in Midtown. The cost is $13 per person if we just show up en masse. The tour consists of not only the home but presentations on both the making of the film Gone With the Wind & its premiere HERE in 1939. There is a special rate of $10 per head for groups of at least 10. However the date & tour time must be booked in advance, and the MMH requires a 50% deposit. That's an option as well if our plan falls together smoothly/briskly. Also, there's a really great gift shop lol!

I'm including the link to the MMH's official site which has more details on parking, etc. There are several great affordable casual restaurants within walking distance, any of which we could hit for food & conversation afterward.

So let's start the discussion & bring this to life. Check your calendars, work schedules, your kids's school event calendars, however many variables there may be lol! Please comment with your feedback here (or in pvt message if you like) - do you like the idea? How's that date sound? Obviously if a majority has conflict, we can pick another. But let's get the ball rolling!

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