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Holiday Cheer with Ruth Mundsack

One of a kind experience tonight as we got to meet Ruth Mundsack, a member of LA's "Classics of Hollywood" TCM Backlot group! Ruth reached out here on the page saying that she would be visiting family in Fayetteville for the holidays & proposed a meet-up.

What better place to have an out of town guest put some South in their mouth than the legendary Mary Mac's Tea Room (thanks for the idea Lourdes!)? And we were doubly privileged in that we also got to meet brand new TCMBacklotATL member Brian Wilson!

We had a tremendous time talking all things TCM , TCMBacklot and classic film while filling up on down home delicacies like hush puppies, mac & cheese, fried green tomatoes, fried chicken, black-

eyed peas and Ruth's new discovery, tomato pie! One of the greatest gifts you can receive during the holidays is a new friend - wonderful to meet you Ruth!

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