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Marnie at Emory

Alfred Hitchcock's "Marnie" from 1963 played to a packed house last night as part of Emory Cinematheque's Film Series "Glorious Color!" Negotiations were just completed with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Film Archive to loan this very rare print of Hitchcock's psychosexual suspense thriller, the follow-up to "The Birds."

From Emory's announcement: "IB Technicolor (or IB Tech) refers to prints made by Technicolor's dye transfer process that involved printing color layers (yellow, cyan, magenta, & black) directly onto gelatin-coated film stock. After the demise of three-strip Technicolor in the early 1950's, this most commonly involved creating b/w separations from the Eastmancolor negative and using those to create the color matrices for printing. The process allowed precise control over color & offered a unique look that is still prized today by archivists & cinephiles."

If you've seen the movie, below you'll appreciate our little tribute to a recurring pivotal trigger for poor Marnie.

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