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RIP Doris Day

On this very sad day for classic film fans, I'd like to direct your attention to this wonderfully thoughtful article from It lovingly examines the dichotomy of Doris Day's carefully cultivated screen & public image against the sometimes arduous realities of her private life. An enlightening read not only for fans of the legendary singer & actress, but the woman herself.

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Here's an interesting story....I was named for Doris Day; she is my namesake. My mother named me Kimberly and my grandfather (her father) was so upset because he "Loved" Doris Day and really wanted my name to be Doris. So, she renamed me to "Doris" because she was so close to him. He died one month later. Throughout my life whenever I would cringe at my old fashioned name, I would remember that story and it would bring a smile instead. I am so glad I was named for her, as she truly was one of my favorites--for the same reasons she is beloved the world over--not simply because of her name.

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