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Susan Hayward Celebration in Carrollton

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day than we had Sunday for our Susan Hayward tribute event in Miss Hayward's beloved Carrollton, Georgia!

1st off, complimentary beverages, popcorn & candy greeted us as we met up in the lobby of the elegantly modern Carrollton Center for the Arts for their annual Hayward screening. "The Snows of Kilimanjaro" may not have been representative of Miss Hayward's career high points, but sparked lively discussion afterward about Hemingway's short story, her career & Hollywood filmmaking in the 1950s.

Next we caravaned about 6 miles up the road to Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic church & cemetery to visit and pay respects at Miss Hayward's gravesite. She & her husband donated a 13 acre parcel of their property for the church and pastoral grounds. Her funeral casket reportedly was covered in yellow roses & white orchids, so we placed a single yellow rose in loving tribute to one of Hollywood's greatest film stars.

Then we drove back to Carrollton's historic town square for dinner at Irish Bred Pub & Grill. Great conversation that hopscotched the gamut of our mutual classic film interest was highlighted by getting to know Lisa Coston, a longtime Chapter member who was able to join us for an event for the very 1st time. Welcome Lisa, you are a wonderful addition to our group!!!

We adjourned in agreement not only of the event's rousing success but that it, like the art center's screening, will become an annual TCMBacklotATL chapter event!

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