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The Godfather Part II

We had a wonderful Sunday outing with The Godfather Part II. We loved talking about the flashback scenes with De Niro and how the movie compares with the first Godfather.

Thanks to Tori at Regal, we got to take a group photo, too! There was also a special visitor for this month, as Cecelia’s sister Carrie was in town for a shoot as a TCM Backlot guest programmer!

After the movie, we switched things up. In honor of The Godfather Part II, we figured it made sense to have Italian food for dinner. We had a wonderful time at Bambinelli’s — good food (and big portions!) and fun atmosphere. We talked about character actors, the TCM Classic Cruise and Film Festival memories and of course more of the movie.

P.S. Mark November 25 on your calendar. Carrie will be presenting her four movies that night starting at 8 p.m. with Goodbye, Mr. Chips (the original with Robert Donat).

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