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Ben-Hur...or not...

Well after braving this morning's tornado watch to drive in from all around the area, those pictured plus a few more Members experienced what a handful of other Chapters have: the dreaded Corrupt Hard Drive. That's right after 3 aborted attempts to make it through the 6 minute Overture, our theater's manager made the announcement that the show would not go on - the hard drive they received from Fathom was corrupted. Disappointed though many were, we did get passes to any future screening at that theater AND our money refunded for snacks purchased!

However like the Falcons we RISE, so the party moved to PURE Taqueria Brookhaven where we had plenty of time to get to know 1st time event attendees Renee & Barbara G. We also welcomed Larry & Annie and Barbara F. & Rebecca back for their 2nd! Safe to say these dinners are now as much a part of the events as the films!

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Apr 19, 2019

I just had to try again...saw Ben-Hur on the big screen Wed.

Was amazing (and not upside down.)


Ben D.
Ben D.
Apr 15, 2019

It's Charlton Heston's ghost preventing us from seeing that scene Scott talked about! :-)

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