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Updated: Aug 18, 2019

Great fun attending our July TCM / Fathom Events screening, "Glory". We welcomed 2 members who were able to join us for the 1st time, Rex & Diane (pictured with Scott below)! At the PURE Taqueria afterparty, we held a drawing for prizes generously donated by 2 of our members, Paul & Kelly: a biography of Danny Kaye, a set of mint condition stamps commemorating the British film industry (featuring Chaplin, Hitchcock, Peter Sellers, Vivien Leigh & David Niven) & a Silver Screen Edition of Trivial Pursuit! We also found out that this year's winner of the TCM Guest Programmer contest Carrie Specht is our Chapter member Cecelia's twin sister from California!!! We will definitely be planning a get-together when she comes to town!

(ps-thanks to Diane for the additional photos from the day!)

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Diane Harvey
Diane Harvey
Jul 27, 2019

These pictures are great! I usually hate looking at photos of myself, but I look so happy here, that it was cool!I felt welcomed by the TCM Backlot Atlanta group! It's a wonderful place to be if you enjoy movies and nice folks! Can't wait for future events!


Ben D.
Ben D.
Jul 24, 2019

I'm sorry I missed this month. Especially because I'm now seeing the Atlanta Chapter ads on TCM again after a fallow period the last couple of months and it made me miss you guys. And it's the long ad, too.

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