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Happy Father's Day!

Wishing a Happy Father's Day weekend to all of our Chapter's fathers (and those missing/remembering theirs)!

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Ben D.
Ben D.
18. 6. 2019

If I ever want to remember my dad, I can watch "The Great Santini."

To se mi líbí
16. 6. 2019

Memories of my dad and I have been strong this week. Sharing his philosophy and his ever-abrasive one liners about life. He was a big fan of the "Duke", Robert Mitchum andJack Palance.

To se mi líbí

I remember waking up as a kid on Saturday mornings and seeing my dad watch Westerns. I'm not a huge John Wayne fan, but I'll always love how he makes me think of my dad.

To se mi líbí

My dad, who passed away in 2010, loved old movies, especially classics like To Kill a Mockingbird. I remember recording the silent movie Wings from TCM so he could watch it.

To se mi líbí
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