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North by Northwest @SCADshow

SCAD's beautiful theatre on 14th St. in Midtown provided a gorgeous backdrop for Friday night's screening of Hitchcock's classic "North by Northwest" starring Cary Grant & Eva Marie Saint. The theatre itself is a jewel, the lobby & downstairs concession area decorated in eclectic style combining modern design with retro references & unique art pieces. What appeared to be a capacity house of everyone from SCAD students to mature classic film fans exemplified the irreplaceable communal experience of seeing these films in a theatre, laughing, gasping & shouting in surprise at this masterwork. Rousing applause welcomed the MGM lion & punctuated "The End".

After the movie, we moved the party to nearby 5Church Atlanta, a large chic restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere just around the corner in Colony Square. God bless them, they took a walk-in party of 10 with no problems whatsoever. Cocktails & bites fueled lively conversation that ran the gamut from film trivia to personal experiences to the different phases of Hitchcock's career. Also interesting were the details each of us shared that we had noticed in "NbyNW" seeing it on the big screen for the first time! The couple of hours we spent there flew by! Return trips to SCADshow are now HIGHLY anticipated!

***ps - check out Wayne below, repping the brand-new, hot off the presses TCMBacklotATL hat!!!

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I had so much fun with y'all and seeing a Hitchcock movie on the big screen. I can't wait to wear the TCMBacklotATL hat again!


Ben D.
Ben D.
Aug 19, 2019

I think Eva Marie Saint is one of the most beautiful women to ever grace the screen. And she's an excellent actress, too. She played Roz's mother on the sitcom "Frasier" and she was a gorgeous senior citizen (little or no plastic surgery. She looked like a real woman in her sixties/seventies)


I am so sad I missed yet another event & this one was so close! I miss my movie family! I did have some friends attending & they commented about seeing the TCM stars outside the theater (referring to all of you commercial actors & actresses). I sent them a link & told them to join up & get to meet the celebrities in person! I miss you all & hope to see you soon!

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